Green Alpine Vehicle: Hydrogen fueled electric snowmobile for snow clad terrains

green alpine vehicle by jessica covi 1

It does give us a sense of adventure and romanticism on seeing the rough and tough nature of snowmobiles, slogging it out in vast white expanses of snow filled landscapes. But on the other side of the coin, they prove to be one of the crucial parts of the transportation system in many cold areas. With other major modes of transportation, they do contribute to significant levels of carbon emission. According to a statistical figure, in Yellowstone National Park, snowmobiles account for 80 percent of total hydrocarbons emissions and 50 percent of carbon monoxides emissions during the winter months. Other adverse factors, like noise pollution and NOX emissions, also crop up with further appraisal. To address such issues, and to actually go beyond the scope of conventionality, designer Jessica Covi has adroitly conceived the all-electric Green Alpine Vehicle.

green alpine vehicle by jessica covi 2

The fuel section of the vehicle is composed of hydrogen tanks with a fuel cell module, electric engines with a battery and a PDU (Power Distribution System). The thermal cell radiation acquired indirectly from hydrogen can power these portable fuel cell applications, whereas the whole mechanism is relatively non-polluting (since water is not a pollutant).

green alpine vehicle by jessica covi 3

Coming to the driving features, the experience is rather improved through ergonomic seating position and steering mechanisms that accentuate upon vision and maneuverability at high speeds. Moreover, the dashboard display exhibits important info regarding the terrain, communication and GPS-systems, as well as directional indicators. Last but not the least, the sustainable contraption also incorporates safety attributes such as airbags, seat-belts and rollover bars.

Source: CreativeDNAAustria

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