Glasgow gets self-sufficient with eco friendly Wind Turbines at Glasgow Tower

After sun, its time to capture the wind power too by this windy city! Glasgow seems to on a green spree, first with Floating Solar Lily pads and now with the Wind Turbine at the Glasgow Science Centre. SHETLAND Wind Power Ltd (SWP) has just completed the installation of a 6kw Proven Energy Wind Turbine which was commissioned to offset the electricity needs of the centre. The turbine has the ability to generate enough power to rotate Glasgow Tower, at 127m, the tallest free-standing building in Scotland. The motive behind this green installation is to help to educate the greater population to the potential for RE systems in urban as well as rural environments. Glasgow Science Centre director of customer experience Alasdair Smart rightly states that “The wind turbine is a great way for us to showcase renewable energy technology and let the public learn more about it and see a wind turbine up close. It is part of range of eco energy education initiatives we have and as Glasgow Science Centre is one of the city’s iconic sites, the turbine is attracting lots of attention.” This latest venture of the SWP at Glasgow confirmed the company’s ambition to become a significant player in the global market.