Germany to set new solar power records

Solar energy being the form of energy which is nature friendly and avalaible in abundance, is being tapped by many companies to create a positive impact on the environment. With an amazing figure of twenty two giga watts of electricity per hour that German solar power plants generated through the noontime over a Friday and Saturday set a best ever world record of utilizing sun’s energy. This amount of power is equal to 20 nuclear-powered stations at full capacity, which helped in meeting nearly 50 percent of the country’s noontime electricity requirements.

Germany sets new solar power record

German government is thinking to forsaking nuclear power and replace the energy demands by renewable sources such as wind, solar and bio mass, post the Fukushima nuclear disaster event in 2011. Along with this, they have also decided to close eight plants with immediate effect and the remaining nine within a decade by 2022. Government has sent a mandate to support the increasing energy demand by renewables and become a world leader in alternate modes of energy

On the contrary critics state that increasing levels of solar power leads to variations in overall output by the national grid, affecting its stability. Germany has installed solar power generation to the capacity equivalent to the rest of the world collectively. This country meets approximately four percent of its overall yearly electricity demands from solar power. This also helps in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Via: Reuters