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German researchers develop world’s first tire for all weather conditions

A group of researchers at Germany’s Leipzig University are developing a “smart” tire that without any human intervention adapts itself to all the different weather conditions while you are driving. A team lead by Detlef Riemer at the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig revealed this “adaptive tire” lately at the Hanover Fair, one of the world’s biggest industrial fair this week. The tire recognizes the different sorts of weather conditions and accordingly, equips itself even when the car is in motion.

German scientists unveil 'intelligent' tyre for all weather

The weather these days has become quite unpredictable and this sudden change in the weather affects human life to the utmost, whether one is at home or on the road, conditions become worse if you are caught on a long journey by a sudden change of weather. It becomes next to impossible for the driver to think about adapting the tires according to the severe weather conditions, while driving. But now the scientists at Germany have provided the best possible solution for this situation by inventing this tire, which automatically accommodates itself to the existing weather conditions, even while you are driving. This particular tire is outfitted with special electronic sensors which become acquainted with the different sort of land whether it is tarmac or not and whether it’s hot or cold. In addition to this, the tire’s form is mechanically lifted up or broadened accordingly when the car is in motion.

A car equipped with this tire means that it is fully outfitted with the best possible tyre due to which the noise and petrol consumption are optimized and the driver no longer has to worry about changing the tyres repeatedly.Research is still going on to find other materials for this tyre.

Via: AFP

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