Genesis EV-X7: Hybrid Electric Bike that can hit 150 Km/Hr

genesis 1 A5iBQ 7071
With the growing demand for crude oil in the international market and the way in which oil price is shooting up each day, it is more than just a smart investment move to put your money in a vehicle that does not need any fossil fuel to run. Before you buy your next car or bike, do pause for a moment and just think about the bills you will have to pay for it if it runs on gasoline. If not for the sake of the planet, the at least for your own sake and that of your bills, you might be more than tempted to buy an electric vehicle.

There is something ironic about the electric vehicles. The fact remains that nearly 90% or more of the electricity used comes from fossil fuel, but we still think that it is both clean and cheap. It would be nice if you can buy an electric vehicle and charge it up using solar panels. So here is another Hybrid electric vehicle to widen the range from which you can choose your commuting vehicle.
genesis 2 tpPat 7071

The EV-X7 has a magnetic motor built into its rear wheel. The motor is a hybrid between an electromagnet and a permanent magnet. It was designed by the Axle Group in Japan. The bike has a range of about 110 miles (180 kilometres) on a single charge, and a top speed of about 92 mph (150 Km/Hr). It is almost noiseless and the motor is seven times more cost efficient than scooters running on petrol. The battery can be charged at home, with a full charge taking just a little over six hours. Now this really is a viable option in a time when you may not really be tempted to rush for a refill!