Generating wind-power from factory smokestack ‘Airflow’

denso corporation logoFactories using wind energy for consumption of a part of their production power is high on trend, with units across the world installing wind power generators. Japanese auto parts maker Denso Corp. has done nearly the same, but with a bit more innovations added to it.

The company is using ‘airflow’ from a factory to generate the wind energy. The factory is located at its Anjo Plant in Aichi Prefecture. The four-month-old company is operating successfully. The exhaust emission purifiers at the die-casting factory blows out air, which the wind turbine harness and generate electricity.

Using this airflow from the scrubbers, helps produce electricity consistently. It also makes it possible to make sufficiwent use the natural wind, allowing to generate more efficient wind power. It has a maximum electricity output of two kilowatts. And this electricity is used to light not only the visitor lobby, but also the plant’s meeting rooms.

With this innovative method of using wind power, Denso targets to reduce carbon dioxide emission from its production plants by 10 percent by fiscal 2010.

Via: japanfs