Generador eolico: A vertical axis wind turbine system for greater efficiency

Generador eolico

Statistically, power consumption from ‘clean and green’ wind has reached an all time high (almost 2.5 percent of worldwide electricity usage), with a whopping 197 GW nameplate capacity and 430 TWh of total energy production. And, with this righteous trend of large scale commercialization of wind power, small scale wind generators for micro-level usage are certainly becoming all the more important. Taking into account of this inherent flexibility, Argentine designer Miriam Peterson has conceptualized the effective Generador Eolico – a domestic vertical axis wind turbine system based on Savonius rotors.

Savonius rotors can utilize the force of the wind and convert it into a torque on a rotating shaft. In this system, three separately intricate Savonius rotors (connected to respective generators) will be fixed by sturdy cables to a central module. The central module in turn will be connected to a storing point with an integrated 12V, 220A battery pack. The basic design alludes to the intrinsic aerodynamic property of the rotors in their multiple forms, which will augment the magnitude of wind energy that is to be transformed into clean electricity.

According to the designer, the generator can harness the wind at a paltry 4m/s, as this instills a whopping 50 rpm in the efficient rotors. The total output capacity of the setup can be marked at 3 KW. But the predicament lies with the safety factor, especially when high speed rotating blades are placed in a domestic environment. Hence, the designer has also adroitly thought of horizontally placed security wheels that can warn users by their conspicuous rotation. Moreover, with their perforations, the total lateral drag is cut down, thus accentuating upon the overall lightness of the mechanism.

Via: Coroflot