Gastropolis: Futuristic urban farm to counter food insecurity

GastropolisThe people of this planet are facing the the threat of severe food crisis in the future. With the increase in urban development, the farmlands world over have depleted considerably. Also the rampant rise in population has increased the number of mouths to be fed. This imbalance between the rising world population and amount of food production has given rise to food insecurity.

In many countries in the Asian and African continents hundreds of children die of malnutrion everyday. In addition to population growth and rampant urbanization, climate change has also taken toll on farmers in developing countries where farmers are increasingly dependent on weather condition for a bountiful harvest. In order to address the issue, the concept of futuristic farming has gained feet in Mac Arthur Park, Los Angeles, California in the form of a concept project called Gastropolis. The project is a vertical farm and defies all the conventions of existing farming systems. The farm has a widely integrated set of machines with a vertical layer of floor plates.

The layered framework will allow optimum use of solar energy by the crops and sufficient oxygenation of their root systems, which inturn would result in maximum amount of crop production. It would also ensure enough water conservation. Inside the farm will be a Cow Palace housing cows. The Cow Palace is a series of cells that mushroom up into the building connected by corkscrew ramps. It also has a chamber where methane is generated from the cow manure. Methane in turn will be used to generate electricity and light up Gastropolis. The palace has the facility to re-use and re-cycle each and every by-product.

Gastropolis would also house supplemental programs for farmers and would provide housing and recreational facilities. The concept and design of this vertical farm is innovative and futuristic and contrary to the existing farm designs. Gastro-polis is a lucrative farming megaplex that would entertain, feed, serve, educate, and profit.

Via: AllThatIsSolid