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Used toner cartridges recycled to garden furniture

used toner cartridges recycled to garden furniture

Have you been feeling good about using a re-manufactured cartridge because the firm manufacturing it advertised that they are doing the environment a favor by remanufactured cartridges?

Stop and think. What when you are done with using the cartridge? Does the company buy it back from you? Do they assist in disposing of it? Right. They don’t. That’s because most companies do not have a solution for Total recycling of Toner cartridges, Toner bottles or ink jet cartridges.

So what comes of the poor little used
cartridge? Used toner cartridges are normally sent to landfill at the end of their useful lives, where the millions of tons of plastic will sit for hundreds of years before decaying, choking up the environment. Land fill releases harmful toxins and chemicals into the land whilst also taking 1000’s of year to degrade, whilst incineration pollutes the environment by putting the toxins in to the Air as well as increasing the carbon emissions, as the cartridges are burnt. This also spells material resource waste.

Waycam comes to the rescue of the environment. They not only save the environment by making sure that the plastic is not left lying around, but also make “plastic wood” out of them and makes useful stuff like garden furniture and fencing.

The process recycles 100 per cent of the cartiridges, with all metal components being removed and sent off for recycling at another plant. The plastic is then recycled into TRI-wood, which stands for Toner Recycled into Wood.

Waycam provides a well chalked out procedure for collecting the used toner cartridges from people in their website. “We accept all cartridges regardless of age, type original or re-manufactured and recycle all the parts without landfill or incineration,” says the website.

Waycam can also handle recycling of computers, old electronic equipment and TVs. Whatever they are going to turn these to continues to remain a mystery.

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