Fractal Structures: Prefab, sustainable gateway to intelligent universal spaces

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Eco Factor: Economical, self-sufficient and rapidly deployable models for universal buildings.

Catering to the need of shelters, both permanent and temporary, Shradha Bhandari came up with an architectural research and development project that showed way to a prefab, modular, low tech building designs. Based on fractal origami, the fractal structures have a high degree of flexibility. This ingenious architect hailing from India has proposed design that has room for sustainability and innovation.

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The fractal structures are highly economical, self-sufficient and rapidly deployable models for universal buildings, giving us an opportunity to develop intelligent and healthy spaces for the masses, even under unfavorable conditions and with limited resources. Owing to the flexibility in design, it can adapt to varying landscapes, site locations, cultures and a vast number of functional applications.

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The slc^ project focuses on green features like site specific orientation of solar panels and opening for light and air, naturally sloped structures to collect rainwater and channel it into underground reservoirs, earth cover on skin for insulation and green cover and landscape as playspace. Shradha’s designs are ideal for mass housing, livelihoods, education, health care facilities or post disaster re-building and refugee habitation.

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