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Flying Bike concept uses magnetic levitation to challenge gravity

flying bike 1

Eco Factor: Concept bicycle with unique levitation properties.

All those who love to ride a bike to work always hope that somehow the gravity lowers and they can ease their legs a little bit. While gravity won’t lower in any case, industrial designers Hoyoung Lee, Youngwoo Park and Jungmin Park have come to the rescue. They have designed a concept bike that literally levitates to reduce friction.

flying bike 2

By using the impetus of the bicycle, power is generated and magnetism brings the rear of the bike up until the gear is in the center of the back wheel, connected only by the power of the magnets. As the speed increases, kinetic energy takes over and the rear of bike starts to climb upwards, which decreases wind resistance and absorbs the impact from stones and bumps.

flying bike 3

The gear mechanism on the back wheel also separates once the bike goes fast enough to lift off the ground. When you slow down, the bike is just like any other rolling on the streets.

flying bike 4

Via: YankoDesign

  • Therotically it is ok but practically will it works and more over i wonder about its breaking system

  • Thomas margotta

    Due to the fact its magnetic, Clearly the braking system must be wizard sh*t based, so it will detect the tightening of your anal sphincter and magnetically change the earth’s gravitational field to make it stop. But no really if this thing actually works it would be badass.

  • granville r. bennett

    what are the price they look cool

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