Floating slum house made from recycled plastic bottles, construction waste and dumped furniture

The Brazil has got ‘the right’ paradigm to kick off its anti-pollution campaign, all originating from the slum – It is a floating house. This is no ordinary house, but contributes hugely towards the environment by being built out of trash in a reeking channel of a Rio de Janiero slum.

Luiz Bispo’s house keeps floating with the help of hundreds of empty plastic bottles that had been set to be demolished by the authorities. But, it was popular support and unexpected help from the new state environment secretary — Carlos Minc – that helped turn it into something worthy of boasting about.

Bispo said,

They were threatening to evict me and all of a sudden I’m recognized by the state government and called to be an environmental educator. They want to organize regular visits to my house.

Bispo had spent about $170 in building this ‘recycled’ house. It is made mainly on cement and roof material, with the rest being brought from construction waste and furniture he gathered at dump sites.

This house has synergy with ecological barrier and can surely be part of environmental education support.

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Bruno Domingos