Floating Permaculture: Futuristic floating island utilizes green systems for sustenance

utopian permaculture farms 1

This may look like the perfect ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ to one’s eyes, but it embodies a lot more punch than just perfection and beauty. This is Dietmar Koering’s tentative solution to the problem of world farming. It is a floating permaculture ( which by definition is a method of cultivation by relying on renewable sources of energy) comprising of various ecosystems within itself with standing wind power surrounding its vicinity.

It is a synergistic construction working up a chain of interdependence and harmony. It is fitted with energy harnessing devices like wind turbines, wave turbines and solar receivers that can draw energy from these renewable sources and power the entire cultivation process. Any wastewater or rainwater will be treated naturally through an algae farm or zebra mussels filter system, which can thus be used for irrigation.

The zebra mussel will also help sustain fish, chicken, and livestock raised on the floating contraption while the excrement of these livestock will fertilize and nourish rice fields. The produce from these fields will in turn feed the chicken and thus a co-active wheel will start churning in the middle of the ocean with the idea of energy conservation and organic farming as its cynosure.

It is evidently extremely futuristic in design and vision and much better than other farming alternatives like ‘rooftop farming’, which may not be sufficient to feed the demand of the world. However, the current technology is not developed to power such a huge structure, especially with renewable sources. Hydrogen fuel technology has to be adopted for this dream to materialize. Whatever the blockade may be now, one thing is certain, that a dream has been spun to resurrect our farming culture. All we need to do now is wish for its reality as our future lies, very much in this floating concept.

Via: Inhabitat