Finally we have a Solar Umbrella that charges your gadgets!

solar umbrella

This was long overdue. It was such a simple and basic concept that I have almost struggled to understand how such a simple concept is so hard to actually device and why it took the makers such a long, long time. I did see a solar umbrella that would shine at night using LEDs which use solar power trapped during the day. But we needed an umbrella that could charge up your gadgets. We had solar power supplying bikinis before a solar powered umbrella! Shows where our priorities are, I guess.

solar umbrella2

The Parasolar makes it easy to collect solar energy as it’s something which could be in constant direct contact with sunlight as it is an umbrella. This is reportedly an improved design of an existing product created by Israeli, Oded Shorer, for the Greener Gadgets Competition. The Parasolar’s synthetic cloth is integrated with laminated panels of flexible photovoltaic cells. The charger is placed at the handle with a 12 volts output and a couple of USB sockets. This nice indeed and I have been asking for this since ages.

solar umbrella 3

It is so simple and obvious that it almost is beyond my understanding what took it so long to come about. Maybe the English creators feel that umbrella and rain are synonymous and we can’t blame them for that with the pathetic way in which English weather works. This version of the Parasolar is theorized to be able to charge electronics and even provide enough energy for various devices needed for camping out such as lighting, heating, and cooling equipments. Now you can let the sun shine on you and still not lose your own shine. Bring on the light!

Via: GoodCleanTech / Core77