Ferrari unveils hybrid 599 HY-KERS at Geneva Motor Show

ferrari 599 hy kers 1

Eco Factor: Vehicle designed to be powered by a hybrid engine.

Ferrari has unveiled its first hybrid, the 599 HY-KERS, which according to the company is a “laboratory car” that brings Ferrari’s latest racing technology to the streets. The vehicle is based on the 599 GTV Fioriano and features a V-12 engine linked to an electric motor that provides an additional 100hp.

ferrari 599 hy kers 2

The car’s electric motor is linked to a kinetic energy recovery system that converts braking energy into electricity to top up the onboard battery pack. This energy can be used to boost the vehicle’s range or provide a 100hp assist while driving. The electric motor can also power the vehicle for short trips.

ferrari 599 hy kers 3

ferrari 599 hy kers 4

Via: Inhabitat/AutoBlog