Ferrari ‘Eternita’, a hydrogen-hybrid wins the Ferrari World Design Contest

Ferrari Eternita

Ferrari launched a contest in which it was seeking car designs that would have optimum fuel efficiency as well as performance. The winning entry was by a group of South Korean students from Hongik University, Seoul, that came out with the concept of a hydrogen hybrid vehicle called ‘Ferrari Eternita’.

Ferrari Eternita

The three designers – Kim Cheon Ju, Lee Sahnseok and Ahn Dre created a formidable design that topped amongst the 400 entries to the competition. This futuristic car is low-lying and almost touches the ground with its rear wheels incorporated into the main body of the car in order to lessen drag. The Eternita is powered by a sustainable hydrogen-hybrid engine that would make this swanky sports car a low emission vehicle!

Earlier, Porsche also came out with its hybrid car models and Ferrari also seems to be keen to create a sustainable vehicle that is eco friendly in nature. Eternita is not yet slated to be rolled out next by Ferrari – however, the stylish design and name of the car surely sound “Ferrari-isque”! However, car enthusiasts would surely await this one should Ferrari decide to go ‘green’ and initiate production of the clean Eternita.

Via: Gas2.0/Autopia

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