E/S Orcelle Cargo ship gets its juice from Sun, Wind and Water

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Intercontinental ocean transportation leads to consumption of thousands of gallons of fuel energy. But with the declining supplies of fuel and booming prices, its time to look out for a cargo ship that can sail on renewable energy only. One such is this French E/S Orcelle designed by the Scandinavian shipping company, Wallenius Wilhelmsen. With a capacity of hauling10,000 standard cars on its eight cargo decks and a cruising speed of 15 knots (28 km/h or 17 mph), it will use only renewable energy sources and naturally-charged fuel cells for power. The futuristic ‘Orcelle’ is the first of its kind to use sun, wind and waves to propel its payload across oceans using renewable energy. Chirstened after the Irrawaddy dolphin (high on the endangered species list of WWF), it is 820 feet long. Wow! And the E/S stands for “environmentally sound ship”. The vessel will include a cargo deck the size of 14 football pitches. Wave energy is to be harnessed by 12 dolphin like fins an the ships hull. While, sun and wind energy is collected by three giant rigid wingsails, also covered in solar panels.

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The estimated cost of the ship is not yet known, but it will be more expensive than a conventional cargo ship which are up to £46 million. But, its sad to know that all this is just going to be on paper. A carrier like this will never be built in entirety. However we can hope to see its elements in future vessels.
orcelle 5784
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Image courtesy Wallenius Wilhelmsen