Equator EQP2 Excursion concept aircraft flies silently on an electric engine

eqp2 excursion 1

Eco Factor: Zero-emission aircraft concept powered by electric engine.

While many designers are busy conceptualizing flying cars for a better future, there are some who believe that in the future not many would be interested in driving a car. Industrial designers Oyvind Roar Berven and Tomas Brodreskift have conceptualized the EQP2 Excursion for those who love to take the aerial route.

eqp2 excursion 2

The EQP2 is a light sport aircraft that flies silently on an electric engine. The aircraft has a maximum speed of 220 knots and a cruise speed of 170 knots. The two-seater aircraft can fly at an altitude of 13,500 feet and needs just 750 feet of open land to land.

eqp2 excursion 3

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Via: Yanko Design