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Entrepreneur succeeds in creating exotic ice cream flavors from bicycle powered processes!

Bicycle-powered ice cream maker

When we consider food products and sustainability, the ambit is generally limited to organic products of bio degradable nature. However, when it boils down to the scope of perishable food manufacturing like ice creams, the complex processes encountered are as pollution intensive as other major industries. But, all of these could be advantageously improved with Edward Belden’s simplistic yet green technological invention. Our eco friendly entrepreneur has found out an innovative way of making batches of ice cream by just using cranks and pedals of his bicycle.

According to Belden, the fascinating notion of creating ice creams from human powered contraptions is pretty new to him. But, it still remains a trade secret, given the uniqueness of the whole scope. Moreover, beyond the scope of just novelty, the process is fairly efficient. For example, making a batch on the bike takes less than an hour, which translates to around three miles of riding time.

From a commercial perspective, the enterprise is not just limited to zero carbon manufacturing procedure of ice creams. Belden’s California based company Peddler’s Creamery has also embarked on an intriguing endeavor of concocting our favorite icy desserts from a slew of sustainable sources. These include organic, high-quality ingredients which are supplied from the northern parts of the state, while the avant garde flavors are brought in from abroad.

The experimentation and combinations from the company has resulted in a myriad of ‘fusion’ ice cream dishes like salted caramel, kumquat sorbet and mango chile. So, at the end of the day, it is not only about the sustainable side of affairs. Belden’s endeavor also gives importance to a user’s exotic tastes and preferences, which are presented with dollops of green technology.

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