Enphase’s energy management unit lets users monitor performance of solar systems

Sunlight is the most powerful source of energy, which is probably why people are increasingly looking to it to help solve the current energy crisis. Researchers are aiming to develop solar cells with higher energy density that can be sold at a more affordable rate in order to popularize the concept of renewables. But how can you tell if the solar arrays you use are performing as well as they should? Enter the Enphase energy management unit that provides owners of solar systems a tool to check on their investment.

Energy Management Unit

The handy device can be plugged into a standard AC outlet where your internet router or modem sends info to Enphase’s website. The site’s interactive software then converts the readings into graphs and statistics, which users can peruse to know more about the performance of their solar systems.

The device can be easily hooked up to a PC or laptop and monitors the state of your solar array. Using Enphase’s micro inverter system maximizes energy harvest and increases system reliability and management. Coupled with the energy management unit, the entire system can be better maintained and lets you know of any faults in the solar arrays as well as offering possible solutions and causes to the errors.

What makes Enphase’s management unit so handy is that it doesn’t require professional installation. All that needs to be done is to plug it into an outlet, connect it to a router or a modem and let the interface do its job.

Systems like Enphase’s help users of solar arrays keep tabs on their investment and aids in the maintenance process. Being able to quickly identify faults means that you can contact a technician to have a look at it and maximize energy harvesting and usage. The plug and play set up is easy to understand so even if you aren’t technologically inclined, you won’t have a problem setting up and understanding how it works.

Via: Behance