Engineering student creates a lawn mower powered completely by clean solar energy

solar-powered push mower.

Lawn mowing is a traditional chore that has formed one of the definitive elements of our weekend household activity. However, beyond just some cultural consideration, motored lawn mowers consume over 800 million gallons of gasoline per year. This leads to excessive levels of carbon emission, along with emanation of noxious gases like hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. But, as is the case in most industrial fields, some innovative individuals are trying out their indigenous yet sustainable conceptions to counter such adverse effects. Well, electrical engineering student Samuel Hamill is one of them, and he has ingeniously contrived a prototype of a solar powered lawn mower.

Looking like one of the side facades of those hovering artificial satellites, the contraption is question is a part of a project undertaken by our designer along with some of his professors. In fact, it is the conspicuous solar panel that takes visual predominance at the top part of the mower. The set up is tilted at an optimized angle for maximum exposure to sun rays.

Coming to its functionality, the photovoltaic set up has the capacity to generate around 160 watts of power, which is enough to activate two DC motors. These motors in turn are utilized for their individual purposes. One of them drives the blades of a regular reel mower for cutting swathes of lawn grass. The other one is interestingly used for regulating the tilt of the solar panel. This process is supported by a pair of built in photoresistors that keep track of the sun path.

Finally, the advantage of the whole mechanism is that it doesn’t require battery power to be operated. However, as far as practicality is concerned, one can also add a battery system to mow during those dreary cloudy days.

Via: UML