Electric powered intercity E-Vul concept car

Human lifestyle is changing day to day. Keeping in mind the changing environmental issues, people’s living status and the impact of new energy technologies, E-Vul concept car has been designed. The idea is to develop a car, which can keep pace with the technological and environmental development till 2030. So, the concept car is a complete electric one and will work on multiple transportation systems.

E-Vul Concept Car

The concept is designed to reduce the use of personal cars by enabling users to connect with the system via internet services and mobile phones so the design as whole will be concentrated on booking and payment through any of these modes. The car will be conceptualized while considering the importance of transport network and networking. This concept will prove to be a success in tackling traffic in metropolitan areas and thereby reducing pollutions in big cities.

The car is completely electric and, therefore, it will not be having any harmful effects on the environment. Also, a magnetic link will be used between each car which will help in reducing the consumption of electricity. The multiple passenger concept cars will work for both short and long-range travel and that also in a more energy efficient manner. The internet service will be totally connected with the highways and, thus, people will be able to connect with the system from anywhere. The concept also is a complete autopilot car and, therefore, will reduce the risk of accidents in the cities.

Via: Red-Dot