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  1. Anthony Nunley
    Jul 03 - 4:50 am

    I have 30 years of automobile research under my belt. In 2002 I revealed my concept to investors and they liked it so much, they started Tesla without me. Being fresh out of high school, I didn’t think they’d take my idea. 11yrs later, I’m still trying to get some cooperation with no results. I think my mistake was asking for $1.5million and not getting a patent. I’m so positive I can build a car 10x better than the Model S that I’ve written every billionaire investor. That car is winning awards everywhere because of my formula,not because the car they built is so great. Yes they added a ton of bells and whistles but the technology is from my proposal in 2002. Naturally, a car with 4 post, phase-3, AC electric motor and lithium -ion batteries will out perform your average V-6 or V8 car. That was my plan in high school. But now I have a better plan that would have Tesla owner trading their cars in for one of mine. I set out to be the future of automobile technology but I can’t do it without a sponsor. It won’t take much to conquer the U.S. auto industry. I need a sponsor so we can get this show on the road. In the 11 years, I’ve created new rims and a solution for congested highways. I have a fail-proof new infrastructure that will eliminate traffic jams forever. I’ll fill you in after I start building cars. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. My home phone is 314-438-8905 please leave a message.

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