EcoFriend interviewed, ranked second among 7 Blogs with an ‘Energy’ Focus

eco blogs interview

For all who desire and appreciate the green cause, Lauren Horn has published an article on eco-bloggers at Energy Authority. The article features interviews of editors of top 7 Blogs with an ‘Energy’ Focus, sending out a message to all eco-enthusiasts as to how these respective individuals are making that extra effort for the environment’s cause in their writings and contributions on the blogs. This article places EcoFriend on second place after TreeHugger, giving us credit to what we are doing to ensure that we get to live in a greener and better world tomorrow. We are mesmerized by the compliment, but we only take it as a small incentive that would make us strive harder to bring forth unbiased and downright honest opinion on all the major environmental issues and technologies of the day. We here take an opportunity to also thank all our readers and contributors (tippers, designers etc) for their efforts to help us reach this level in our journey.