Eco Transportation: Cherry – Next-gen zero emission concept

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Eco Factor: Portable concept vehicle runs on zero emission electric motors.

Like its name, Cherry, the concept is compact and portable. Hundreds of concept designs have flooded the market with foldable and compact features. However, the possibility of touching real roads seems very hard for most of them. Cherry is also foldable and eco-friendly as well. Powered by a zero emission electric motor with a plug-in battery, it might become the next-gen transportation medium. The battery is integrated with a padded seat that keeps it hidden. The direction controller is similar to that of a motorcycle and can be controlled by leaning.

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To reduce the space and size, the whole engine is located inside the front wheel. You can also customize it with adjustable driving positions. The brakes lie below the rest provided for your arms. Well, the concept looks cool, but designer Alican Yilmaz should consider the design again. It doesn’t looks adorable.

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The Dark Side: Some parts, like the wheel cover, include plastic that is no doubt hard on the environment. Moreover, information about the speed, battery back-up and electricity required for operation is not defined.

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Via: YankoDesign