Eco Tech: Yamaha Motors goes green with renewable energy systems at Nakaze plant

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Eco Factor: Solar and wind power generators installed at Yamaha’s Nakaze plant.

Yamaha Motors has installed solar and wind power generators at its Nakaze plant in Japan. The installation comes according to the company’s initiatives to make the best use of renewable energy sources. The company has stated that the systems will be capable of providing power for the lighting and air-conditioning needs of the offices in the plant by generating 26,000 kilowatt hours of clean electricity annually. This electricity will not only save a lot of money, but will also prevent about 18 tons of harmful CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

The Dark Side:

For now the renewable energy generators will just be powering the lights and that air-conditioning units at the plant. If Yamaha really wants to set some green standards for itself, then it will have to develop many similar plans that finally could power more electronics used in the plant.

Via: EnvironmentalLeader