Eco Tech: Waste Heat Engine uses waste heat at low temperature to generate electricity

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Eco Factor: Green electricity generated from waste factory heat.

Factories and manufacturing units burn lots of fuel for the products they make. This generates a lot of heat, most of which is wasted because till date there weren’t many technologies capable of utilizing waste heat at low temperature and pressure to generate electricity. Recently Cyclone Power Technologies has developed an ingenious way to make use of waste heat from industrial ovens, furnaces, engine exhaust or any other source of waste heat. The Waste Heat Engine works at temperatures as low as 107C to generate up to 10KW of electricity.

The 8kg engine operates at 3000 rpm, which makes it compatible with most standard generators. The engine achieves maximum efficiency at 315C and steam pressure of 200 psi where it generates a cool 12KW.

The Dark Side:

The engine does well in reusing waste heat into useful energy. However, the engine works at a low 12% efficiency rate, which needs to be increased for enhanced output.

Via: Gizmag