Eco Tech: Surface Power releases world’s most efficient solar hot water panel

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Eco Factor: Highly energy-efficient hot water panels run on solar energy.

An Irish company, Surface Power, launches the most efficient solar hot water panel till date. TUV Rhineland has certified it for and to demonstrating up to 131% more efficiency in daybreak and sunset time and 76% more efficiency at noontime than other water panels. Surface Power has been in the profession for six years now. The accumulated expertise makes it potent enough to bring your hefty domestic and commercial heating expenses down by up to 70% provided insulation standards meet new building regulations. As it’s already a great hit, the company seeks to expand it beyond the country.

The Dark Side:
There’s no word on initial investment. Also, it might not be as successful in the colder regions of the world where you don’t get ample sunlight all through the day.

Via: Metaefficient