Eco Tech: Solar powered Leaf Shade to energize your den

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Eco Factor: Leaf Shade utilizes sun’s energy to power up a house and at the same time acts as a screen to keep away the glaring sun.

With all the greens vanishing from the concrete jungles, it’s a luxury to find some real greenery when you peek outside the window of your apartment. Gone are the days, at least in the urban setup, when you can hear leaves rustling just out side your house. Nevertheless Sara Rossbach has planted an innovative green concept for today’s energy consuming lifestyle. No, she isn’t suggesting the idea of growing tress and plants. Rather she has come up with a décor for your window that is dubbed as Leaf Shade. Akin to living leaves, this leafy shade too absorbs the sun rays. But unlike real leaves, this shade doesn’t prepare food for itself. It is tweaked to power your home with solar energy instead.

Made of two layers, the prime solar film layer is fitted with a battery and does the actual job of energizing your den with all the goodness of the sun. The other layer is fabric that is dressed with cutouts that give an impression of sunlight passing through the leaves.

The Dark Side: Isn’t this the most interesting and practical style of green décor and eco-energy? I am wondering about how these solar powered blinds can be useful for those apartments that are shadowed by larger buildings which in turn block sunlight.

Via: SaraRossbach