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Eco Tech: Solar Inside – A multifunctional green concept bench

solar inside

Eco Factor: Bench made up of recycled material generates clean electricity through embedded solar panels.

Designers Sean Park, Olbae Woo and Owen Song have collectively designed a concept bench that will not only generate electricity from solar energy, but will also utilize recycled material for its construction. The design is as simple as it can be. The bench includes a battery that will store electricity generated by thin solar panels placed on the surface. The main frame of the body is made up of recycled aluminum and recycled plastic. The designers claim it to be capable enough of generating electricity in conditions when the weather is not favorable.

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It can be installed anywhere without any specific requirements for its working. An embedded Wi-Fi module will let people access the internet, and at night this very bench will use stored electricity to function as night-lighting system. The outer cover can be customized to match it with a particular environment such as parks. In brief, the concept aims to provide simple and low cost multifunctional service to future generations.

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Via: Tuvie

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