Eco Tech: Searaser pumps water for on-demand green electricity

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Eco Factor: Wave powered hydroelectric generator.

Efforts have always been made to harness the tremendous power of the ocean waves, be it tidal generators or ocean wave turbines, all generators prove to be an expensive way to generate green electricity. Searaser is one such generator that can provide green electricity at an affordable cost using the same power of the ocean waves. The buoy-like device is attached to the ocean floor with flexible tethers, which allow it to move up and down with the motion of the ocean.

As the wave crosses below the device a stream of water is pumped to a height of 650 feet. This water is then stored in tanks or ponds up a hill. When green electricity is in need, the same water is released downhill to drive a hydroelectric turbine that generates electricity. Researchers associated with the project state that the full scale model of the device will be able to generate sufficient electricity to power 470 households, and if 43,000 buoys are placed along the coast then they could power a country of 20 million households.

The Dark Side:

The design seems to be a promising eco-way to generated green electricity. If the claims of the product’s creator, Alvin Smith, are to be believed, then the device should even be able to work at places where there is no high ground available for storing water. If the cost of the buoy is kept under control then it could be a boon for developing countries which use the most electricity.

Via: Treehugger/Dvice