Eco Tech: Scientists hope to power cars with grass clippings

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Eco Factor: Biofuel made from grass clippings and other organic waste.

In Brazil, nine out of ten cars run on sugarcane ethanol and in the US corn-based ethanol is more of a supplement. The rise in the demand of bio-fuel has forced scientists to think of ways to produce fuel which don’t depend on food crops. Scientists at the National Science Foundation think they can produce bio-fuel from leftovers such as grass clipping and other organic waste.

The latest in technology is making it possible to breakdown farm waste such as corn stalks, grass, weeds and wood and convert it into useful biofuel, thus ending the dependence on food crops. These scientists believe that they can use the existing infrastructure of oil pipelines, storage tanks, refineries and engines for this new fuel, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is renewable.

Via: FirstCoastNews