Eco Tech: Scientists develop new capacitor for ultra-efficient electric cars


Eco Factor: Ultra-efficient capacitor to take place of batteries in electric cars.

A team of scientists from US and Korea have developed a new capacitor that can be used to develop ultra-efficient electric cars of the future. The capacitor developed is much more powerful that any existing batteries and if finally developed, the capacitors will not just benefit electric cars, but all portable gadgets we use in our daily lives.

The capacitor stores energy at a great density just like a supercapacitor, but releases it quickly similar to an electrostatic capacitor. The inventors hope to use the technology as a part of hybrid battery-capacitor system for electric cars to increase their efficiency without adding much weight.

The secret to the prototype’s awesome performance is the use of 10 billion tiny capacitors, which are crammed into every square centimeter of the final capacitor. Working at atomic precision, the inventors hope that the resulting capacitor can deliver energy at a rate that would allow a 1kg to deliver 1MW of power.

The Dark Side:

The research is in its infancy and the researchers don’t make a statement on the time by which the capacitors can actually reach the shelves.

Via: Gas2/NewScientist