Eco Tech: Pedal your way to the skies with AirBike


Eco Factor: Pedal-powered hang glider.

Though we’ve seen many unconventional machines running on the trustworthy pedal-power, we have to say that pedals do suit bikes the most. Still, some designers and builders want to take pedaling a step further by developing a cool looking pedal-powered hang glider kit known as the AirBike.


The Airbike is a supine unit that can be attached to any hang glider and enables the user to pedal in between thermals. The kit is a fully enclosed pod that not just holds the user in place, but comes with a folding propeller guard for power off soaring. The propeller locks during take-off and landings and is freed only when power is required.


For those who love a conventional glide you can always stop pedaling and for those who want some fun, just start pedaling and gain enough propulsion to out-fly your pals. If pedaling isn’t your charm, the AirBike system can also be purchased with an electric or a gasoline engine. However, its pedals make it a green way to fly.


The Dark Side:

For enthusiasts there is nothing better than leaving you at the mercy of the currents. Adding an engine, no matter how green it might be, could spoil it for many.