Eco Tech: Pedal-powered rollercoaster is not for the weak-hearted


Eco Factor: Ecofriendly rollercoaster runs on pedal power.

If you think that the biggest and the most adventurous rollercoasters around the world are no match to your manly spirit, then the Skycycle at the Washuzan Highland Park in Okayama might definitely attract you. No, this is not the biggest or the curviest ride in the world, but it is the only such ride in the world where the riders have to pedal their way to their destination.


Apart from using electricity for illumination, the park uses zero-electricity. Even though the ride won’t be as fast as you would really want, but pedaling literally in the sky would definitely make you feel the adrenaline rush.


The Dark Side:

Rollercoasters are associated with being fast, curvy and furious. In the era where designers are taking the using the latest in technological inventions to improve rollercoasters and make the ride more adventurous, the pedal-powered ride will not gain much attention.