Eco Tech: Next-gen Sea Snake readies to generate renewable electricity in Scotland

sea snake

Eco Factor: Sea Snake to generate renewable electricity from sea waves.

Of all the potential sources of renewable energy sea waves seem the most promising. However, the high cost of the systems required to harness sea waves and convert them into electricity gives other renewable sources of energy an advantage. After succumbing to crisis in the first attempt, the next-gen Sea Snake developed to harness wave energy in a cost-efficient fashion in ready for northern Scotland.

Coming in the form of a 180m-long tube, the Sea Snake will be installed next spring at the European Marine Energy Center in Orkney, northern Scotland. The wave generator was ordered by German power company E.ON and can generate about 740KW of power. The developers believe that by the year 2015, the Sea Snake will have a capacity of about 20MW, which is enough to power 30,000 homes.

Via: Reuters