Eco Tech: Lyman-Morse readies high end portable solar generator

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Eco Factor: Portable system generates electricity by capturing solar energy.

Lyman-Morse, a well known name in the fields of marine industry that delivered many DC and AC power combinations and power units that are not dependent on the grid, is now looking to go green with its new project called “Powercube.” It’s a fiberglass box that is self contained and can generate power up to 600 watts when the sun is on its full glow. According to Lyman, these portable systems will cost $27,000 for the 600-watt unit and $37,000 for the larger version, but are advantageous as compared to other generators, as these systems provide easy mobility and the generator’s batteries can store a charge for up to three weeks and pull up to 3.5 kilowatts in short spurts in a shorter amount of time.

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These generators integrate solar, and wind power and are currently being tested for military applications. Further, in remote areas like island camps or homes, construction sites, or other places where conventional power is not available, these systems could be used to run cellphone towers or other stations.

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The Dark Side: No doubt these generators are a blessing for remote places as mentioned above, but their high costs are still a hindrances for individuals. Further, the size of system does not make them fully portable.

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Villagesoup :Via: LymanMorse