Eco Tech: Helical wind turbine design for dense urban cities

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Eco Factor: Wind turbine design for places where windmills are not efficient.

A conventional windmill proves to be efficient in open places and farms where there is no obstruction to slow down the velocity of wind. Such windmills don’t prove to be an effective source of renewable energy in busy and dense urban cities. A professor at the Cleveland State University, Dr. Majid Rashidi, has come up with a helical design that would enable city centers to generate clean electricity for themselves.

The design is based on a silo-shaped wind deflector that can be mounted atop any city building. The design includes multiple mini-turbines on each of its spires that can generate electrical power at very low wind speeds. The system has a claimed power generation ratio of 4:1, enabling the system to sustain its own energy needs apart from powering homes, offices or schools.

The Dark Side:

Professor Rashidi says that his system will not be able to end the dominance of conventional windmills. The system has been designed to enhance the use of wind energy.

Via: GoodCleanTech