Eco Tech: ‘Greener’ fireworks burn nitrogen and lots of money

fireworks 1

Eco Factor: Nitrogen-fueled fireworks produce less smoke and lesser toxins.

Be it Diwali in India or the Fourth of July celebrations in U.S., people love to watch fireworks illuminating the night sky in different colors. However, these fireworks produce a lot of smoke and considering that people are simply in love with them all over the world, the amount of toxins and smoke poses a serious threat to both humans and the environment.

In order to achieve a colorful sky, fireworks manufactures stuff their products with different types of explosives and materials that make them burn longer and produce bright colors, where Antimoy and barium and the main culprits, which end up polluting the neighborhood with toxins and smoke.

Scientists at DMD Systems are working on a newer generation of “greener” fireworks, which are fueled by nitrogen and produce less smoke and toxins. Unfortunately these fireworks won’t be available for either Diwali or the Fourth of July celebrations, as they’d be too expensive to burn for a few seconds of colorful illumination.

Via: Popsci/Discovery