Eco Tech: GE to help realize the world’s largest CCS project


Eco Factor: World’s biggest carbon capture and sequestration project to be developed by GE.

General Electric Oil and Gas has struck a $400 million deal with the developers of the Gorgon natural gas project, where the company will help capture and sequester 3.3 million tons of carbon dioxide into wells 2.5km below the earth’s surface.

The amount of carbon dioxide prevented from being released into the atmosphere will be equivalent of taking 630,000 cars off U.S. roads. The natural gas project is expected to produce 15 million tons of liquefied natural gas annually, most of which will be shipped to China, South Korea, India, Japan and Australia.

GE will be producing three refrigerated compression trains for condensing methane into a liquid and six compression trains for injecting carbon dioxide into underground wells.

Via: GreenTechMedia