Eco Tech: Ever glowing lamp gets powered by mud

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Eco Factor: Sustainable lamp uses the small current produced during metabolic reactions as a power source.

The need to develop cheap, effective, and sustainable power sources has forced mankind to think out-of-the-box to harness sources no one has ever thought of before. Marieke Staps has also found one such source – mud. Marieke used cathode and anode made from copper and zinc, which were surrounded by mud. As the metabolism of the biological organisms present in mud kick in, a small current is produced; this can power a small light forever. All the user needs to do is to pour in a few drops of water to keep it going.

The Dark Side:

The claim that the lamp can glow forever is quite controversial. The cathode and anode are made up of metals which will eventually corrode. Moreover, the metabolic process won’t give as much energy as one would really require for the world already hampered by an energy crisis.

Via: TheDesignBlog/Treehugger