Eco Tech: ETI Tech Corporation Bhd develops green battery for solar-powered homes

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Eco Factor: Lead-free batteries to power homes generating solar electricity.

Homes that generate on-site electricity are the future. However, what all solar or wind powered homes need are batteries that can store all that electricity for days when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. Storing green electricity in lead acid batteries spoils the eco-credentials of your home, but a Malaysian company called ETI Tech Corporation Bhd is claiming to have developed the world’s first lithium-polymer battery system for solar-powered homes.

The lithium battery is not only green but has a higher charging and discharge efficiency that makes the battery store more power with only six photovoltaic panels, which is half of what lead acid batteries need for optimum load capacity.

The lithium battery units weigh 18kg, which is about 7kg lighter than lead acid batteries of similar capacity. The company has tested the setup in a mock household that carries a TV set, a DVD player, three CFL lights and a refrigerator. The company claims that the system will be a boon for families staying in rural areas, which frequently suffer from power outages and want a green solution to the problem.

Via: MalayMail