Eco Tech: Desalination plant in Australia will be powered entirely by renewable energy

water desalination

Eco Factor: Water desalination plant in Western Australia will purchase renewable energy for power.

With the freshwater crisis looming large, specifically in places like Australia and Dubai, inventors have started looking for ways to convert seawater and make it potable. However, these desalination plants require a huge amount of energy, which mostly comes from non-renewable sources or use just a part of renewable energy.

To solve the crisis in Western Australia, a new $780 million plant is being constructed that will be able to produce about 20% of the requirements of fresh water. The noteworthy part doesn’t just end here, as the developers state that the plant will entirely be powered by renewable energy, which will be purchased from utilities generating energy from solar, wind and geothermal sources.

Construction is scheduled to commence sometime later this year, with completion scheduled for 2011. Several green groups, including the WA Conservation Council, will keep a keen eye on the energy being used to make sure that plant developers aren’t just making false claims.

Via: Treehugger