Eco Tech: CSIRO develops solar cells that can be printed like ‘money’

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Eco Factor: Cost-effective solar cells can be printed like currency notes.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), a world leading research organization, has announced that they have succeeded in developing a new range of flexible organic solar cells that can be printed reel-to-reel just like currency notes.

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The solar cells are based on cutting edge technology that would eventually allow manufacturers to roll out cheap solar cells and get them installed over large areas such as rooftops. The research is a forefront of polymer technology, which is used in banknotes currently being used in Australia and 21 other countries in the world.

The Dark Side:

Researchers at CSIRO have accepted that the technology is currently in its infancy but future research could lay the groundwork for printable electronics.

Via: CSIRO [Press Release]