Eco Tech: Austrian designer suggests clothing made from body’s bacteria

bacteria fabric 1

Eco Factor: Sustainable clothing made from invisible bacteria.

While some believe that hemp and bamboo, being renewable, should be used more in fabrics, an Austrian designer named Sonja Baumel suggests a unique approach. The designer is working to make fabric from invisible bacteria present on the human body.

bacteria fabric 2

The project dubbed “(In)visible Membranes: Life on the Human Body and Its Design Applications” aims to convert invisible bacteria found on the human body into a visible form, where they can be used to create sustainable fabric.

bacteria fabric 3

One of her most complex experiments is “Crocheted Membrane,” a time-based visualization of how bacteria might grow to create fabric layers that react to an individual’s body temperature. The designer believes that fabric should build up in areas that require the most warmth and insulation, which results in a body-hugging organic silhouette.

Via: GreenPacks/Ecouterre