Eco Tech: Australian inventor builds ‘revolutionary’ machine for free electricity

free energy magnetic generator

Eco Factor: Magnetic electricity generator generates 24KW of electricity.

Magnets have been used to generate electricity for decades, but an Australian engineer is taking the technology to its limits by claiming to have built an electricity generator that works on the principles of electromagnetism to provide up to five times the amount of power the machine consumes.

After being kick-started from a battery, the machine can run constantly for years generating a claimed 24KWs of power each day. With those credentials the machine has been termed ‘revolutionary’ and if actually developed the machine can be stored in a garage of those homeowners who don’t want to pay for electricity ever again.

The inventors have applied for an international patent and believe that the machine can be made available in a year for an estimated cost of about AU $5000

Via: BadBreakingNews