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Eco-pulse monitors energy usage to keep consumption down

Almost all of our appliances are dependent on electricity in one way or another. Think computers, refrigerators, microwaves, washers and driers and you get the idea. Those that aren’t powered by electricity run on batteries which in turn need to be charged. And, though many of us try to keep our power consumption down, it’s difficult to do so if you don’t exactly know just how much energy is being used. Eco-pulse is a gadget that provides information on energy consumption to keep wastage down. The data can be recorded as well so you can keep track of the progress you’ve made in reducing your consumption.

eco pulse Cultivate a Green Habit

Lim Wan Xuan and Tang Xueling Jane are the designers behind Eco-pulse who feel that if users know just how much power they’re consuming, it would become easier for them to reduce their usage. The gadget visualizes electromagnetic pulses and projects them on the display for easy readability. It also gauges the amount of electricity that’s been wasted when appliances are in standby mode. This will no doubt motivate users to switch off gadgets instead of simply putting them on standby to save plenty on utility bills.

Eco-pulse emits numbers as well as pulse in various colors that change when usage is high or low. A capture button on the side lets the readings be recorded for later review. Once all the information has been recorded, Eco-pulse can be detached and hooked to a computer to transfer the readings into a special software.

Eco-pulse doesn’t just record general readings; it pinpoints the sources of maximum energy usage to give users a clear idea on where they need to cut back.

It’s technology such as this that can help urban folk and anyone dependent on electrical appliances to cut down wastage. If Eco-pulse and other similar devices can be used on a wide scale, it wouldn’t be surprising to see power consumption being kept to a minimum which not only helps the environment but saves massive amounts of cash as well.

Via: Yankodesign

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