Eco Motorcycles: Mavizen’s electric superbike is a ‘laptop on wheels’

mavizen ttx02 1

Eco Factor: World’s first electric superbike.

The SEMA Show 2009 has witnessed the launch of the world’s first electric superbike, which is touted to be a laptop on wheels. Developed by British company Mavizen, the TTX02 superbike will be available as a limited edition from April 2010.

mavizen ttx02 2

Apart from being the world’s first electric superbike, the machine is also the world’s first motorcycle that sports integrated IP connectivity. It is also equipped with a USB-based system bus that allows a number of peripherals to be connected to extend the capabilities of this mean machine.

mavizen ttx02 3

The motorcycle is powered by a lithium-ion battery that fuels two electric motors, each delivering 22.5KW of continuous power and 36KW peak power. The company will be launching just 50 bikes with a typical circuit configuration costing about $40,000.

mavizen ttx02 4

Via: Gas2