Eco Homes: University of Louisiana preps hurricane-resistant home for Solar Decathlon

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Eco Factor: Green home runs on solar power.

After working for two years on a home that gets powered by solar energy, students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have finally unveiled their solar-powered home designed for the Solar Decathlon competition to be held next month.

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Dubbed BeauSoleil, the home will be one of the 20 homes that will be competing in the competition. More than 500 partners supported the projects through donations ranging from $4 to $100,000, along with tools and professional help.

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The BeauSoleil home incorporates the outdoors to maximize the space. A wrap-around deck offers an additional 1,700 square feet. The hurricane-resistant dwelling uses hardwood harvested from a sustainable forest, out of which nothing was wasted.

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Via: 2TheAdvocate