Eco Homes: Solar-powered houseboat can survive the harshness of the ocean

houseboat 1

Eco Factor: Houseboat propelled by solar energy.

Presently all houseboat designs limit innovation and their travel is limited to calm waterways, rivers, inlets and bays. The reason you can’t take your houseboat to the open ocean is that their flat bottom top heavy design provides no underlying support, which is necessary to prevent it from rocking wildly on larger waves.

houseboat 2

Industrial designer Orhan Cileli has come up with an ingenious way to allow you to enjoy the ocean in a houseboat. The concept design promotes maneuverability and internal aesthetics. Inspired by a fishing bobber, half the home remains submerged and the other half stays above sea level with a large flotation ring placed at the beltline. This ring also serves as an exterior deck for lounging and docking other vessels.

houseboat 3

This houseboat provides protection in ways unseen. Using high tensile reinforced acrylic curved panes, the resilience of this new material will not shatter under high volume pressure. The acrylic exterior also allows rainwater to ride into a channel, which then sends it to a storage reservoir, where it is purified and made fit for drinking and gardening.

houseboat 4

Before the sun can directly penetrate the home, it must first trickle through the garden and render itself useful for the solar powered reinforcement beams and as natural, renewable energy for the plants and thin bed of grass. Since half the home is submerged, water touching the acrylic serves as cooling system which also lowers heat emissions.

houseboat 5

The house reserves the fourth floor for engines and other equipment. The natural oceanic currents combined with small secondary solar driven turbines provide enough power to propel the home. When questioning navigation, one should consider the home as a sailboat rather than a speeder.

houseboat 6

The home carries a transient feel empowering the user to enjoy the seas and get closer to nature while retaining traditional home qualities. This state of the art, environmentally friendly home is the quintessential answer to many yet-resolved nautical issues.

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Thanks: [Orhan Cileli]